We have been partners with Private organizations and various Government agencies through a wide variety of IT Network infrastructure solution in an on-going committed endeavour to make the complexities and vagaries of human management business clear to everyone. Your network infrastructure is the foundation upon which your IT services and applications reside. It is the “backbone” of the network and, in turn, supports the entire organization with elements that allow all types of critical functions— including data processing, storage, security and voice communications. Like all other facets of IT, infrastructure is expected to provide a return on investment through its ability to quickly and efficiently deliver new services that drive growth. For organizations needing best-in-class servers, storage, and other core networking devices, Advanced Network Systems provides a broad portfolio of next-generation standards-based products, services and solutions.

Our expertise in infrastructure planning, installation and support are designed to enhance your IT capabilities with cost-effective data center solutions that offer the agility to keep pace with continually changing demands.

In today’s economic climate, every hour, funds and watt you put into your infrastructure must be well spent. Most companies are looking to spend only on projects that will reduce on-going costs by cutting deployment times, improving utilization rates and using fewer staff hours in the process.

To support the volume and complexity of today’s user and application requirements, organizations need to take a fresh approach to infrastructure. Fortunately, new technologies are available to help you construct a smarter, more flexible environment. We at Plectrum take the time to fully understand each customer’s unique Network infrastructure, messaging, storage and security requirement before proffering sets of solutions to enable the client to choose what can get them started with their immediate goal and also at a glance see what they are capable of doing in the nearest future.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column]

WE BUILD secure network infrastructure

  • Local Area Network Infrastructure
  • Firewall & VPN
  • Network Security
  • Wireless Networks
  • Network Management

Auto-scaling products. Our extensive experience covers a wide variety of technologies from leading technology OEMS. We have decades of experience building, securing and supporting and we often build and supports enterprises Infrastructure solutions using the latest encryption and authentication security technologies.