SHIELD – Weapon Management System

SHIELD is a weapons and armory management system that is designed and customized to fit the specific needs of organizations handling weapons. It is a secure, quick and efficient system for authenticating users and their assigned weapons, it is a system that keeps track of all weapons and their handlers using RFID and GPS Technology to guarantee accountability and responsibility at all times, a single interface connected to all armory locations for quick reliable retrieval of weapon inventory and location information. SHIELD is also used as a critical asset management solution – not just a weapons management solution – that allows for accurate inventories and authenticated transfer of weapon ownership. As an enterprise software system for the management of arms and ammunition. SHIELD consists of various modules that will make the armorer’s administrative operations easier and less tedious. SHIELD comes with a bundle of benefits to the armorer and the services at large.

Benefits of SHIELD to your Organization includes:

1. SHIELD provides clients in the Defense and Security field with the ability to automatically issue, track, and audit the usage of critical assets across geographically dispersed sites
2. SHIELD enables clients to more efficiently utilize critical assets by providing complete inventory and location information of assets through a single interface and controlling the usage of these assets through customizable business rules and approval processes
3. SHIELD ensures accountability and responsibility in the case of misuse or malice by providing fully integrated, state-of-the-art Biometric identification technologies to authorize users
4. SHIELD optimizes and speeds up business processes by automating manual tasks such as inventorying, returning assets, and checking out assets.
5. Instantaneous access to past information – In the case of misuse, past weapon, and user history can be retrieved instantaneously
6. Instantaneous approval – Weapon approval is now instantaneous and can be done through email
7. Increased Security – All users’ schedules are tracked. If a user does not return a weapon on time, the system will immediately raise an alert to the appropriate individuals
8. No chance of human error – Past the setup of the system, SHIELD requires very little human input, therefore chances of human error have been removed.