Data Centre Advisory

We provides end-to-end data center consultancy services. These services can be both technical and commercial in nature. our experts provide full-fledged data center services for a complete data center lifecycle. These include data center assessment, review, data center selection and specification, data center integrity tests, data center planning, data center benchmarking, data center gap analysis, data center operations support, data center development, data center business planning, data center operations manuals, data center technology selection, data center green planning and suitability consulting. Our data center services will help data center owners and operators achieve their business objectives in the most efficient, secure, and effective manner.


Datacenter Consultancy Service tailored-made for you

We love working closely with you to ensure we meet your exact needs and expectations. Following an initial no-obligation meeting we will identify key aspects of the data centre project and focus on any potential roadblocks that might impact the project.

We will then provide an in-depth, bespoke strategy that will outline how we intend to reach your objectives and resolve any of your pain points. Throughout the data centre build and installation, we will continue to provide professional and insightful advice to ensure the process is as seamless as possible.

We also provide regular reports that include our findings and recommendations at key stages of the project to ensure continuity. At Plectrum, we have a dedicated team of data centre experts who can provide general advice regarding your existing data centre or a new data centre you are looking to build. Our data centre consultancy experts will ensure you get the right advice first time, every time.


We have the right Expert for you

Our data centre consultancy experts have more than 25 years experience in the field with an award winning track record, providing quality advice and working alongside many leading global organisations and businesses from both the public & private sectors.

From small high density server rooms to large commercial cloud builds, our data centre consultancy services cover the full spectrum of mission critical facilities. Each of our data centre consultancy experts are trained to the very latest in design standards and building regulations, and offer professional advice in a timely manner at very competitive rates.

To find out more about our data centre consultancy send us an email or call us.