Cyber Intelligence Solution


With target centric intelligence in Mind, our innovative OSINT technology is capable of generating unique and valuable insights, that offer a critical advantage in an era of globalization, connectivity and anonymity. Our OSINT Capability fuses the most relevant content from the entire digital sphere to provide comprehensive, far-reaching, high-resolution insights on individual and group identity, affiliation, activities, trends, and behaviour patterns.

Our OSINT Platform offers law enforcement, military, and intelligence organizations unparalleled operational capabilities. Using an individual module or a combination of modules, users gain access to a wide range of tools, allowing them to expose and prevent a variety of threats. Reach out to us to discuss your Cyber intelligence system needs


Web Intelligence | Social Media Monitoring and Target Geo-location

The Internet and mobile revolutions have created tremendous opportunities for all parts of the population to access unlimited information anytime, anywhere. However, it also presents new challenges for Law Enforcement organizations responsible for private and public safety. Social media and the Internet can be easily abused to propagate incorrect or inappropriate information, Spread FAKE NEWS , including damaging propaganda that can lead to violence and riots. In addition, targeted cyberattacks can disrupt and damage governmental, financial and social digital assets. Worst of all, readily available, new technologies help criminals avoid tracking by law enforcement agencies.