Plectrum Consulting is an indigenous Information Technology Company offering IT Solutions to businesses across a variety of industries. Information Technology is designed and expected to support and accelerate the productivity of core organizational functions and that is exactly what our services deliver – improved productivity at competitive prices.

In collaboration with our foreign technical partners we are able to access global best practices and technologies thus providing our clients with a vast range of IT services including Managed Private Network Services, Advanced Network Infrastructure Solutions, Collaboration Systems, Disaster Recovery Solution and other IT related solutions.


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We are have built a stellar reputation of working with clients from project conception to completion, offering technical expertise, knowledge, experience to provide world class IT solutions. These solutions help organisations operate effective and efficient operations, thereby scaling quickly and using Information Technology as a basis for strategic competitive advantage in very competitive industries. These services include;


Knowing what IT solution to use in an organisation could sometimes be difficult considering that there are so many vendors who makes promises as regard the capability of their products. Your next concern is likely to be on how the new system will work with your existing platform.

At Plectrum Consulting limited, we help our client in making sure their IT investment works for them as expected and bring good return on investment. This we are able to achieve by simply putting our multi-faceted experience to work for you. With our team of experienced, thoroughbred professionals, we provide quality ICT consulting services to our clients that help in giving them a competitive edge in their industry.


Our core values are the guiding fulcrum for all our work. They provide our employees with a clear framework within which to make the right decisions and explain the behaviour we expect from all our employees. Our values are not ideals we work towards, they are truths we actively embody. They are the true essence of how we work and reflect what our customers should expect from us.

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